Bulk SMS service for businesses

It has been shown that over 90% of all mobile users read their SMS within two minutes of receiving the information.

What better way to let individuals. organisations, clubs and groups know about your business or your initiative than by sending via an SMS

Bulk SMS service for business

There is a great opportunity for businesses to communicate with customers, clients or employees in an effective and cost efficient manner simply by sending SMS or text message. Whether it is a marketing or communication campaign to customers, shareholders or affiliates or used for operational matters, sending key details via a mobile phone in large or small numbers can ensure people will read it. It has been shown that over 90% of all mobile users read their SMS within two minutes of receiving the information. What better way to let your organisation, clubs and groups know about your business or your initiative than this direct way?

SMS Gateway Business Price

So what is Bulk SMS Business?

The answer to this title heading is simple to explain. It is a means of allowing you as a business to send thousands of text messages or SMS simultaneously that will ensure it reach a large number of people in a matter of seconds or at the latest, in minutes.

But it’s more than just the dissemination of a key message or a promotional marketing position. It is the ability to receive and document feedback if needed as well as to be able to monitor how effective the distribution has been. With your database available, it can allow spreadsheets to be uploaded for viewing the spread and effectiveness of the SMS that was sent out. You can also export mobile phone numbers from an external program so that you can manage contacts. This data file can be uploaded into an address book for use in campaigns or information updates.

You can select a way of reply by on inbound system, which will go straight to your email address or if you wish, directly to your mobile phone. Personalised text messages can be formulated and by this way make it more personalised improving your two way engagement with the people you sent the SMS to, whether they be customers or other people and so improving the effectiveness of your communications.

Bulk SMS Business Plan

It’s important that a business plan is set up by the business on the best and most effective way of using SMS for the distribution of large volumes of messages. It’s equally important that the business consider a bulk SMS provider that can offer the best features, reasonable charges, reliability and customer service.

There are numerous bulk SMS providers in UK and in your business plan and business strategy you need to select wisely knowing fully what each provider has to offer.

Take the SMS Bulk Comparison Table as a guide to assist you in reviewing the major factors that need to be considered such as features, costs, reliability, reputation, and customer service.

To support the SMS Bulk Comparison Table, the five well established providers have been compared. They were selected on their longevity in the SMS bulk arena, their gateway providers, their ability to service a large number of clients whether they are SMEs or large organisations.

Taking a cost or charge perspective it was researched and evaluated that ClickSend offered best value. ClickSend has exclusive pricing with respect to all outbound text messages and all inbound text messages are free offered for British businesses.  The only additional fee for bulk SMS services is associated with a dedicated number.

When comparing the pricing schedules for the bulk SMS providers investigated, the price variance can be as high as 60%. This variation can be based on the telecommunication networks used (hybrids or major providers) and the service level agreements offered by the provider. Of course, such cheaper pricing is based on comparable volume. ClickSend ensures that their prices are regularly checked against competitors and adjusted so clients always attain the best deal.

Price is one important feature but the capability of mass distribution of SMS within a short period of time with a 100% reliability Service Level Agreement guarantee is as important. Using reliable direct telecommunication carriers from UK ensures that the SMS will be sent when required, whether it is within UK or overseas. Once again, comparing five well know and established SMS Bulk providers, ClickSend offers the best value.


How Bulk SMS Business works

Bulk SMS works from your computer sending email details to the SMS bulk provider servers who will configure the information in a way that can form a text message that will be sent to the database of addresses you provide.

No software is required to be downloaded or installed. You only need a web browser and access to the Internet. The SMS provider has the API to make it totally web based.

Your business contacts are saved and translated into groups so as to manage your contacts properly. Of course, it is important that all your existing databases of mobile numbers are constantly updated so as to important current contacts for sending SMS.

The SMS Bulk provider will be able to offer a two way SMS service where you can receive responses to your SMS if you require such input. They can view on your web or sent to your email. This way the business can track whether a message has been received on the receiver’s mobile phone. Therefore, details of all outgoing and incoming SMS can be kept so as to track the effectiveness of your marketing or communication campaign.

By notifying the SMS Bulk providers in advance, the business can schedule sending out text messages at pre-determined times. Great for reminding people of appointment times or rescheduling or important dates to be remembered.

Bulk Text Message Service for Business

It’s important that can get assistance and advice from a Bulk SMS provider when needed either by email or by contacting them by phone. This is particularly vital when using a new unfamiliar system so reassurance to new users makes life easier when one talk through the procedures in sending out your text message. Some providers offer 24/7 services while other offer customer contact in business hours. Also need to know if they have a customer call centre is UK or overseas to accessibility purposes.

When seeking a bulk provider, check the availability of a free trial to see how the whole SMS system works with the provider. Free trails range from a few text messages to 25 free messages. Also make sure they are SPAM compliant and that your database of contacts are kept confidential and not used incorrectly for other purposes other than what you have specified.

Comparing the nine reputable British SMS Bulk providers, it can be seen the availability and range of customer service offered to their clients.

About SMS Comparison Table and Site

This site and the associated comparison table was established by a group of experts who were in the SMS field who experienced a lack of appreciation of the variety of British SMS providers available and the range of services and features on offer to potential clients.

As a consequence, this Table and site was produced to assist you in reviewing the important factors you need to consider prior to engaging a SMS Bulk provider. The site and table is available free of charge. It is a service that the authors believe needs to be presented so as to clarify what you are looking for your business. Should you use the site and engage one of these providers, then the authors will request that particular provider for a commission.

This site and table is constantly being updated to ensure it is current and clear. Should you see ny6 information that is different from the bulk Provider website, please let the authors’ know so that changes can be made as soon as possible. The authors hope you will benefit from this independent review and analysis of bulk sms business.


Updated on 9 December 2017

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