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One of the first questions asked when searching for a suitable and cost-effective bulk SMS provider is about its pricing, charges and add-on costs. By using this bulk SMS price comparison table and associated site, you will gain an easier way to see the differences in pricing and charges between reputable bulk SMS providers in the UK. It should be emphasized that the bulk SMS price list can change overnight by the individual provider so the price comparisons presented below need to be checked and verified with the providers before engaging one of them.

SMS Gateway Business Price

Reviewing and analyzing a variety of bulk SMS providers offered in UK, a number of SMS companies were considered as worthy having a good range of pricing schedule, sound reputation, and ensure their longevity within the text messaging service field.

Bulk SMS Pricing

The pricing per SMS will depend on factors such as:

  • the volume of SMS that are to be distributed every month,
  • the required set-up charges (if any),
  • use of a dedicated number,
  • two-way SMS service where both a text message is sent and received,
  • the need for delivery reports,
  • payment on either a monthly or longer period plan,
  • contract duration requirements, and
  • other fees charged on top of usage.

All these factors need to be taken into consideration.

The bulk SMS price comparison shows that the variance can be as high as 60% between bulk SMS companies so there need for a thorough scrutiny of what is entailed in the cost of distributing and receiving text messages for your business. One of the major factors is the use of an SMS gateway facility. This is a major deciding factor as to the use of a direct telecommunication carrier from the UK  or to use a hybrid of international and British carriers at a cheaper rate but with less reliability.

Who offers cheap bulk SMS prices?

When reviewing the UK bulk SMS price comparison of major reputable providers, the analysis showed that ClickSend offered the best value in terms of price for several reasons. They were cheaper on pricing and charge for a text message whether the distribution is low, medium or large volumes compared to their equivalent competitors. ClickSend has no contract or set-up fees and provides a two-way SMS service at no additional charge. This means that overall the charge for the distribution of each text message is cheaper.

It was also noted that ClickSend promotes themselves as being extremely competitive compared to their counterparts, advertising that they are open to discussion on pricing with prospective and current clients, and the possibility of matching their charges against any other bulk provider to ensure they win or maintain clients. Of course, any such deals need to be substantiated by the volume of SMS that are disseminated every month. ClickSend regularly checked their prices against their competitors and adjusted to ensure the best bid is offered.

More about bulk SMS pricing – gateway reliance

Businesses that depend on sending text messages in large quantities with 99% reliability need to pay a premium for such distribution. Why? Partly because of the need to engage a premium direct gateway carrier system. These services are offered by major telecommunication carriers in the UK.

The major difference between a Direct (also known as Premium) and a Hybrid (also known as Grey) gateway is the pathway used to reach the customer, client or employee. A Direct Gateway is used to send SMS because it uses a reliable telecommunication network that offers an efficient and effective service but at a higher price. There is a high probability that the receiver will receive the SMS on their mobile phones or computers within a few seconds of it being sent out. For reliability, confidentiality and privacy, such features must be seriously considered by the business. But as said, it does come at a cost and the indirect charges will either be part of the cost per SMS or not part, so this vital question needs to be asked to the SMS Bulk provider.

About the Hybrid gateway, this service is cheaper because it uses overseas telecommunication carriers who can offer cheaper prices but do not necessarily provide reliability and reassurance that the SMS will be distributed by the required time. A hybrid gateway is fine for the large number of text messages being sent at one time particularly if there is no set time frame, so good for marketing and promotional campaigns. The hybrid gateway will use the cheapest route available and it may mean being sent from the UK through an international carrier and rebounded eventually back into a British SMS gateway carrier. Therefore you must expect a slower delivery time. You will need to ask the provider if the bulk SMS gateway price factor is a hybrid telecommunication system and if so, that’s why the price per SMS may be cheaper.

Bulk International SMS price

If you are intending to distribute your text messages overseas there will be a different set of charges than sending text messages within British boundaries. The use of international telecommunication carriers will charge different rates depending on the country the volume of text messages or the frequency of distribution every month. Many factors will determine the bulk international SMS price.

What needs to be known is the reliability of the gateway service, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee, the type of telecommunication carrier service and its reliability and reputation, and of course, the confidentiality and privacy of the text messages that will be sent overseas. These are all major factors that need to be considered rather than just looking at price per SMS.

About Bulk SMS Comparison Table and associated sites

The Comparison Table and associated SMS comparison sites were developed for your use, free of charge.  The authors realized early in their SMS career that businesses and people did not understand fully the extent of features, services, and pricing associated with engaging a reputable bulk SMS company. When dealing with such expenses, the right decision needs to be made as to what you as a business want from the bulk provider and how such a service will benefit you.

As a result, this simple-to-read and follow bulk SMS comparison table was formulated to make your life easier. Since the authors now no longer work in the SMS field, they can be impartial and independent from any British and overseas SMS providers.

The range of bulk SMS providers listed and compared resulted from an extensive understanding of their services and features, their reliability and the pricing schedules. There are many providers in the British scene and as a result of setting stringent selection criteria, they were able to determine the bulk SMS companies that could best service your needs and wants.

Since the bulk SMS providers in the UK constantly change their pricing, conditions and sites, there can be a difference in the information presented from this site to what the provider’s website has changed. If this is the case, please let the authors know and changes will be made as soon as possible. Also, should a business engage a bulk SMS provider using this site, and then the authors may request the provider pay a commission.

The authors hope that these SMS Comparison sites are helpful to you.


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