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When comparing different Bulk SMS Providers, one needs to review a number of elements that make up a good SMS provider including distinct attributes, pricing, reputation, reliability and customer support service. A thorough investigation and review of all these elements by an independent group of experts who had worked in the SMS field prepared and produced this comparison report and table, showed that WholesaleSMS provided good value. The reasons will be outlined in detail in the following pages but in summary, it provided:

  1. Send 1 to 1 million texts at a time at the lowest costs in the UK
  2. Provided a robust SMS software system which boast a reliability of 99.9% uptime capacity
  3. Start your own fully branded text messaging service in minutes
  4. Very quick and easy to use API option which is highly flexible
  5. There are no set up costs incurred
  6. A two way SMS system is in place at no additional costs.

WholesaleSMS has a capacity to provide high-speed connections so that they can provide clients with the ability to deliver large volume of text messages to target audiences within a short period of time, whether it is in a matter of seconds or latest in minutes.  They are able to supply clients with delivery reports which show factors such as bounces of messages delivered through their API platform.  They are anti-SPAM complaint and have the ability to provide a list cleaning service which means that they can clean up a SMS contact list.

Distribution of SMS

Wholesale SMS is a premium direct route SMS bulk text messaging service in UK. They can distribute text messages whether it is for a small non for profit organisation or a SME or a large company that can vary from low volume of SMS on a monthly basis to a mass number of up to one million SMS at any one time. Current statistics show over 83 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK and this number is set to grow even more throughout this year.

Personalized permission based SMS are widely used for marketing purposes and have been proven as an effective method of getting a communication message, promotion or idea direct to the end user. It is the most likely of the communication mediums that ensures end users read the SMS in a matter of seconds. It has been researched that 92% of all SMS are read within the first three minutes of receiving the message. Wholesale SMS provides this flexible, cheap and easy to use texting platform to help you get your message distributed efficiently.


By comparing the charges incurred by different bulk SMS providers dependent on volumes that will be distributed on an average each month, it was evident that WholesaleSMS provides great value. By comparing each major Bulk SMS provider in UK, this company was at least ten percent cheaper whether it is for low distribution SMS numbers of less than 10000 SMS each month to large 500 000+ volume. Such cost saving are significant particularly for larger organisations. The second and third cheaper providers were SMS Broadcast and ClickSend, as can be observed in the chart below.

WholesaleSMS best sellers are the 25 000+ range with a very competitive and reasonable price that would suit most organisations. This service offers 12 months expiry with a minimum spend of $100 for organisations with low volume distribution to $13000 for huge distribution each month. Whatever the requirement prices per message (excluding VAT) are the most cost effective. On top of this, there is the offer of bonus messages for the first purchase.

Some other attractions with regards to charges are:

  1. No set up costs
  2. No lock-ins
  3. No monthly fees
  4. No contracts
  5. Free delivery receipt confirmation ClickSend SMS Website

On the issue of pricing, Wholesale SMS will match any current advertised price in UK. They guarantee that they will offer you the lowest rate SMS any time as long as you can provide them with a verified published SMS rate from another UK bulk SMS provider that is lower than the lowest available comparable. Of course, it would need to be for the same volume of text messages, with the same or better delivery times and customer service level.

Features of WholesaleSMS

Naturally, any client would want to know that the features offered by WholesaleSMS are user friendly, practicable and effective in the distribution of text messages when required. It offers a reliable gateway service and its service allows you to send non-critical SMS messages in batches from one to thousands. This is particularly helpful for marketing campaigns and allowing personalised messages for any sort of notification.

WholesaleSMS has a number of valued features such as:

  • Create one’s own contacts lists online
  • Sending appointment notices and reminders
  • Option to send long messages (over 160 characters)
  • Receipt confirmation for each message sent
  • Option to designate a dedicated number to be shown as the sender ID for bulk SMS messages sent.

Added to the above features, Wholesale SMS allows you to send mass text message from your own mobile number and use a shared number or you can purchase dedicated numbers using their easy to use WebSMS portal that is integrated with your software using their powerful API.

Based on such features, WholesaleSMS ranked very highly among its other bulk SMS competitors.

Reliability and Latency of WholesaleSMS

As can be seen on WholesaleSMS website, their delivery time on sending an average text message is around 12 seconds. When one considers over seven million SMS that are sent through their gateways each week across UK and the globe, that’s a staggering good result. On top of this data is the fact that around 99.75% is the recorded average network uptime each month which would assure present and potential clients of the reliability and latency of their service.

WholesaleSMS has full API documentation available and can provide example codes in PHP, NET, Java and Ruby. This supports all British mobile numbers using large telecommunication carriers such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin mobile.

On the basis of all features, services and reliability and latency factors, WholesaleSMS ranks very well among its bulk SMS competitors in UK.

Support and Help available from WholesaleSMS

Wholesale SMS is a private company with an office in Brighton, East Sussex. It has a team of experienced SMS personnel and its senior executives have been in the industry for over a decade. It is a no frills service, which is all about offering the lowest price SMS every day.

ClickSend SMS Website

The reliability of its service is backed by their Customer Care service with an email support service as well as an sales contact link.on support@wholesalesms.co.uk and a contact number 08432 893646 which should be able to answer all your concerns. Its support centre provides a variety of Questions and Answers to any inquiries.

This bulk SMS provider offers 25 free trial messages.It has a privacy policy and an anti-SPAM compliant facility.

About SMS Comparison Site

This SMS Comparison site has been developed by experts in the field of SMS for a number of years but who are no longer work in this area and therefore can offer an independent review of bulk SMS providers. During their time with SMS they realized the need for current and prospective clients to better understand their needs to communicate effectively and to be able to compare features and services offered by a number of these reputable SMS companies in UK. As a result, they have developed a SMS Comparison Table and associated site that you can use free of charge.

The authors are independent and source their information from the websites and make it easy to understand what each provider has to offer. Should you click the site and then engage the services of a particular SMS provider, then a commission may be sought from the selected provider. They hope it will make your life easier when selecting an appropriate bulk SMS provider for your specific requirements.


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