SMS Tech is a dedicated cheap SMS service provider in UK focusing on large volume messaging through a cost-effective, timely and direct means compared to other communication tools. Therefore more likely to be received and opened to read than phone messages or emails. It web-based bulk SMS service allows you to start sending SMS to your contacts directly from the well developed SMS Tech interface.

As indicated from our Cheap SMS Provider Comparison Table, SMS Tech offers to a range of businesses an effective means of marketing and promoting their goods or services whether it in  healthcare, retail, education, sporting clubs and associations as well as hospitality.

Benefits of SMS Tech as a bulk SMS provider

When creating this SMS Tech review and comparing them to other UK cost effective SMS providers, it becomes apparent that this company offers a full email client integration system with no added software requirements. This means it offers instant web-based SMS service which will allow you to send SMS to your contacts directly from their interface system.

It is a customer focused by providing British support to ensure all inquiries are responded to and that issues are resolved. Additionally, it provides a national delivery to all British telecommunication carriers.

SMS Tech provides a two-way SMS communication system. Its Email to SMS service allows you to send one-off SMS from your email account to any mobile phone in your contact list. You can also receive replies back in the form of an email into your inbox. This means that SMS Tech can handle user-replies with ease allowing your customers or clients or employees the ability to respond to your original text message thereby opening up immediate two-way communications, invaluable for events such as:

  • Marketing and promotions – Send details of special deals and offers to your contacts
  • Healthcare – Send appointment reminders to patients and reduce no-shows
  • Retail – Notify customers of sales and other events
  • Education – Send timetables, results and event info to students
  • Sporting Clubs and Associations – Notify players and encourage supporters
  • Hospitality – Send details of special promotions to patrons

SMS Tech bulk values

Our SMS Tech review from Cheap SMS Provider Comparison Table found they have the appropriate application programming interface (API) so that software developers can integrate a SMS service into an existing system. This allows third party developers to access SMS Tech system from an external source. It can be accessed from most programming languages and as long as the user is proficient in the use of language, you should have no issue connecting to their API.

smsTech Website

Value for Money?

As can see from the cheap SMS Comparison Table partly shown below, SMS Tech is by no means the cheapest SMS provider for UK businesses. On all accounts, whether it would be smaller number to large number of message distribution, it is more expensive by around 10% to 18% dependent on the number of messages distributed each month.

SMS Cheap Comparison Tabl

SMS Tech does provide unlimited credit availability and does not charge a monthly fee, no set up fees,  and no contracts.

Our SMS Tech review found the company is extremely customer service focused. This will mean that there is an ease of communication within UK should there be a need for immediate response support to any inquiries to resolve any issues from a customer service perspective. It provides multiple gateways and routes through its national delivery system to all British telecommunication and international carriers.

Although not offer 100% gateway uptime guarantee, it does provide a near full service level agreement (ie. 99%) that provides this near certain guarantee which provides you with reassurance.

 Overall Conclusion based on SMS Tech review

When comparing the various cheap SMS providers in our Cheap SMS Provider table, one need to consider the easiest, most reliable methods of sending an SMS from your computer as well as  taking into account the cost factor, reliability and customer service. It is this higher charges that need to be considered as one factor when deciding on SMS Tech as a cheap SMS service provider.

smsTech Website

About Bulk SMS Comparison Table

We compare Cheap SMS Providers to identify and compare the services and products offered by the range of cost effective SMS providers through means of an independent yet well analysed comparison table. The information has been categorized into a simplified, readable, and easy to follow tabulated format so as to provide you with key information on key selection criteria such as message distribution costs, networks availability, credit availability, and service support and so on.

The authors are experts in the SMS field for a number of years but now have moved to other online marketing services so they can offer independence when analyzing and assessing the value to businesses of UK SMS providers.

It should be stressed that the information provided in the table should only be used as a guide as prices and features may be updated at any time by the Cheap SMS UK providers’ websites without any prior notification.

The Comparison Table is provided for free to assist you, however a commission may be requested from the provider’s site if you click through their website and engage their services. There are no forms of advertising on this site and the authors have made price and other key features the selection elements that have led to the recommendations made on the site.


Last updated on 14 February 2021


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