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Features ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
Overall rating
Price (out of 5) 5 4.5 4 3.5 3.5
Tools (out of 5) 4 5 3 4 4
Trust (out of 5) 5 4 5 3 3
Customer service (out of 5) 5 5 4 4 3
Years founded 2006 2013 2017 2000 1999
Listed or Private company Private Private Private Private Private - Esendex
Head Office London, UK UK UK South Africa London


Price per sms ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
  • >250K+
  • >100K+
  • >10K+
  • >2000
  • 2.58p
  • 2.85p
  • 3.05p
  • 3.25p
  • 2.90p
  • 2.90p
  • 3.20p
  • 3.20p
  • 3.55p
  • 3.55p
  • 3.85p
  • 3.85p
  • 3.33p
  • 3.33p
  • 3.58p
  • 3.75p
  • 3.20p
  • 4.10p
  • 4.30p
  • 4.30p
Payment mode Prepaid & invoice Prepaid & invoice Prepaid & invoice Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay Prepaid & invoice
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees
Feature ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
Payment methods Credit Card or Direct Debit Credit Card or Direct Debit Credit Card or Direct Debit Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay Credit Card or Direct Debit
Payment mode Prepaid & invoice Invoice Prepaid & invoice Credit card or direct debit Invoicing
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees

SMS Functions

Feature ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
API for Developers
Software needed
SMS Gateway API
2-Way SMS
Email to SMS
Carriers Australian UK UK Global
Dedicated number £2.79/month £10 Month
Inbound SMS Free
Money back guarantee


Feature ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
Global coverage
Gateway uptime 100% 99%
SLA guarantee 100%
Spam compliant
Security and Privacy policy

Customer care service

Feature ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
Free trial 50 free SMS
1 Week Trial
Phone support 1 800 number
Email support
Support hours 24/7 24/5 24/5 24/7 24/5
Reviews 9.4 – 1,772 reviews 9.8 – 435 reviews 9.6 - 126 Reviews 8.0 - 1,559 Reviews 9.0 - 413 Reviews


Features ClickSend Voodoo SMS The SMS Works BulkSMS Text Marketer
Overall rating 9.6 9.2 8.8 7.4 6.8
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Using Email to SMS

One of the easiest and most effective ways of ensuring a message, whether it is a marketing campaign or a communication directive reaches a large group of people is to use Email to SMS transactions whereby a simple email can be converted into a SMS format so that everyone who needs to know can receive such text in a matter of few minutes if not just a few seconds. This very easy method of sending an SMS can be done from your own computer without having to add any functionality to an existing CRM system, or no need to log into a special website or to be made to upload a bulk lists via CSV. You simply open your existing email account and send your text message as you ordinarily do when sending an email to someone.

Such simplicity in a SMS bulk service has made the ultimate system of “Email to SMS” a perfect vehicle for many organisations or companies who wish to use SMS as promotions or maybe for  appointment reminders or for notifications such as parcel pick up or payment reminder.

As importantly, many Email to SMS providers can assist and handle user-replies with no problem and with ease though their API system. Giving your customers or employees the ability respond to text messages does also opens up an immediate two-way communication, which can be invaluable when staff rotating or appointment reminders are required.

Unlike a web-based solution, you will need access to your email client. However if you’re after a simple, no-fuss solution that will deliver SMS as fast as your providers network allows then ‘Email to SMS’ is definitely the product for you.

WholesaleSMS and ClickSend are the Recommended Email to SMS Providers for UK

Both WholesaleSMS and ClickSend offers you an industry leading Email to SMS service, with full email client integration with no added software required. Purposed for smaller sends, ClickSend allows you to simply drop the mobile number of your contact through their Email to SMS format.

If you’re interested in returns from your customers or target audience, they allow you to view both your sent and received messages via your email system.

Here are some reasons both SMS providers are the recommended Email to SMS provider:

  • Full integration with your email client;
  • 2-way discussion ability to view sent and received messages;
  • No contracts or ongoing fees;
  • Quick and reliable gateway means fast and effective message delivery. email to sms

Should I be using Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is considered by many to be the easiest way to send an SMS from your computer without having to add functionality to an existing CRM system. You just need to log into your website or upload bulk lists via CSV or open your existing email client and send your text message as you would a standard email. As previously mentioned, this service makes Email to SMS perfect for organisations simply looking to use SMS as an appointment reminders system or for occasional notifications such as parcel pick up or payment reminder. Most Email to SMS providers can also handle user-replies with ease. Giving your customers or staff the ability respond to your original SMS message opens up immediate two-way communication, invaluable when staff rotating or appointment reminders are being discussed.

Email to SMS Providers comparison table

To make your life simpler and without the fuss of working out who to appoint or select as an Email to SMS provider, a simple-to-use SMS Comparison Table has been produced that will allow you to compare different factors that these companies have to offer. It was created by experts in the SMS field who have worked within the SMS sector for a number of years and fully understand the difficulties faced when comparing SMS companies and their plans.

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The information provided in the Comparison Table has been derived by the authors viewing each SMS Provider’s website and then translating the key information into a format that is easy to read and interpret. Please ensure that you review the information as a guide as prices and features may be updated by the SMS providers website without any notice or warning in advance. If you find any information on the table or this website to be out of date or incorrect, please use the contact us form and changes will be made promptly. email to sms 3

The authors provide the comparison table free to use and should should you click through to their website and engage with their service then we will request a commission from the provider. There are no advertising on this site. From the price and a number of key features presented by the providers the authors have led to the recommendations made on the site (not any commission levels).

Features of interest when comparing Email to SMS Providers

As you would appreciate it is vital that you are fully aware of the features that Email to SMS providers have to offer.

When one discusses Email to SMS distribution it is about a two way process. Your company or organisation needs to be assured that the provider selected will deliver a text message from either your computer or their computer system in a way that the target audience selected will both receive efficiently the text message and will be able to reply back should there be a need to do so. This can all be viewed on the web or forwarded to the organisation’s specific email address. In this way, one knows promptly that the text responses to the message have been received.

What is so good is that the overall benefit to the client and SMS provider is that they both can totally track the text message to see if has been received on the recipient’s mobile phone. This way a record of all incoming and outgoing text messages ensuring a delivery tracking analysis is recorded on any marketing or communication campaigns. Such record can be exported onto Excel spreadsheet for review.

Email to SMS providers run high speed telecommunication gateway connections which give them the capacity to cater for either low, medium or high volume text messages from clients to whoever requires to receive them within a short time-frames. They also provide sophisticated delivery reports which show elements such as bounces of messages sent through the API or online platform. email to sms 4

A number of these Email to SMS companies will ensure messages are anti-SPAM and GDPR compliant. They will provide you with a list of cleaning service agencies which can clean SMS contact lists when it is imported and can reformat numbers when they are in different formats. Some have an auto-opt out for their clients with free access to their pool of shared virtual reply numbers.

From a review of features and the offer of quality and diverse range of features for Email to SMS distribution, it appears that the company ClickSend rates the best of all the other Email to SMS British providers reviewed. This is followed closely by the SMS company WholesaleSMS which offers similar types of products and services and is ranked highly. The other three Email to SMS competitors do rank well also with a good range out of a total of 100. It needs to be stressed that even though these latter companies have not gained the highest ratings, they do offer a good range of valued features and therefore should not be dismissed from consideration as potential SMS providers.

Charges incurred by Email to SMS Providers

Comparing charges of each Email to SMS provider is a simple exercise as it is tangible way of seeing in numbers what each company has to offer for their services. It will depend on the size or volume of text distribution that are sent each month. For low volumes it is seen that Wholesale SMS does offer the cheapest price rates which is closely followed by ClickSend in pricing schedule.

Charges are very much dependent on volume distributed each month whether it is 500+, 10 000+, 100 000+, 500 000+ to 1 000 000+ SMS during a month period. As can be seen for low volumes, the charges by different providers can vary by up to 30% for each SMS. While with medium larger volumes, say around 50,000+ that are sent on an average monthly basis, the costs vary with a difference between companies of around 40%. On the largest scale of one million or more SMS sent on an average monthly basis, the cheapest quote is around 45% price difference.

The table from Email to SMS Providers in UK shown below provides an overview of the cost structure of major Bulk SMS providers in UK.

Email to SMS


As indicated on the above table, the pricing range significantly between different Email to SMS providers. Of course, it is dependent on the size or volume of text distribution for each month. For low volumes it is evident that WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rates followed by ClickSend and SMS Broadcast with an approximate 10% increase in price. This is followed by DirectSMS and SMSTech with dearer rates offered.

With mid-range large volumes of text messages each month (20000 to 50000), WholesaleSMS offers the cheap rates. ClickSend and SMS Broadcast are the second lowest cost providers by around 10% above the cheapest provider. The other two Email to SMS providers charge more.

With larger volumes from 500 000 to a 1 000 000 SMS each month, again WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rates followed by ClickSend and SMS Broadcast at around 18% more expensive while DirectSMS and SMSTech are around 30% to 40% more expensive than the cheapest rates offered.

From a graphical layout as shown below, for ease of interpretation, on a rating of 0 to 100 where 100 offers the cheapest prices, WholesaleSMS ranks well compared to the other reputable Email to SMS providers.

The price differences show that some email to SMS providers are inclined towards lower volume distribution while others offer better from a larger distribution. Therefore it is to the client or prospective client advantage to check around and send what competing providers have to offer in terms of charges.

Reliability of Email to SMS Providers in UK

There is a need for reliable and reputable SMS companies to send from ’email to SMS’ to customers, clients, staff or any groups that need to be communicated. One of the criteria for selecting an appropriate provider is that it can assure the client that it can schedule a SMS transmission at set times. It is a matter of scheduling so as to provide reminders for appointments or important dates to customers, clients, or staff. Alternatively, schedule a text message in advance when the company wants to introduce or promote text message marketing or communication campaign.

Many SMS providers do have an up-time guarantee of 99%, 99.9% or 100% up-time with Service Level Guarantee as part of their overall assurance. One needs to be reassured that all these major Email to SMS UK providers compared have strong reliability and good customer services.

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Reviewing the graphical reliability chart below, it can be easily seen that only three of the major Email to Text Message services are sound and reliable in their distribution. Based on a ranking evaluation process, SMS Broadcast and ClickSend are considered the most reliable with a 100 out of a 100 rate. This is closely followed by Clickatell and Text It with ranking in the high 80’s. Wholesale SMS and SMS Tech reliability measure is far from satisfactory.

About Email to SMS UK Comparison Table

This Email to SMS UK Comparison Table has been developed and available for readers to use. The authors, having worked with some of the leading Email to SMS UK providers in the past, have evaluated the key information using a number of key selection criteria to ensure a fair, unbiased and equitable overview of the services offered by a number of these leading providers.

It should be stressed that the comparison table has being manually formulated and analysed providers’ websites may change their prices and features without notice so it is recommended that readers should double check prices and features prior to purchasing these SMS products. If you have any information on this comparison table that appears to be inaccurate or needs to be updated, please use the ‘contact us’ section to notify the owners of the site. They will aim to have the change made as soon as possible.

The Comparison Table is provided for free to assist you however a commission may be given from the provider’s site if you click through their website and engage their services. There are no forms of advertising on this site and the authors have made price and other key features the selection elements that have led to the recommendations made on the site.

The authors understand just how hard it is to complete a full comparison of Email to SMS providers in UK. With so many gateway providers in UK, pricing structures and delivery networks it can take days to weeks to find the right provider for you. Having worked with some of the leading SMS UK providers in the past, the key information that British businesses needed were collected from individual British SMS providers websites and inserted into the SMS comparison table above.

This page was last updated on 3 September 2020


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