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If you’re after a simple, no-fuss solution that will deliver text messages as fast as your provider’s gateway network allows, then Email to SMS is the product for you.

The review for Email to SMS Gateway UK solutions found that WholesaleSMS has key strengths in gateway network, cheap pricing policy and a reliable customer support service.

The reason to use Email to SMS Gateway

The reason to use a good Email to SMS gateway is to ensure that from an cost as well as a time factor, you will be stress free when your text message will be sent from your personal computer to whoever requires to see the SMS without the need for changes to your existing CRM system, whether it be to log into your website or to use your bulk lists to ensure everyone is distributed. It is a simple process like opening your existing email and send your text message as you would a standard email.

This service simplicity makes Email to SMS perfect fit and requirement for companies or organisations who are requiring use SMS as an appointment reminder or for notifications with items such as parcel pick up or payment reminder or for marketing and communication campaigns.

Most Email to SMS gateway providers also provide user-replies where customers or staff are able to respond to original SMS message sent through an opening an immediate two-way communication process which can be invaluable for the rotating of employees or reminding people of appointment dates.Email to SMS Gateway

So, if your business want to depend or use SMS messaging as a means of communicating to customers, clients, stakeholders or employees in a fast and reliable manner, then a premium direct gateway carrier needs to be engaged. This way text messages are delivered directly through major gateways services such as Telstra, Vodafone or Optus.  This means that your email to SMS gateway will  allows a computer to transmit to or from an British telecommunications network. SMS are routed through the mobile phone network system.They are more expensive than Hybrid Gateways that may use overseas gateway providers.
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Features of Email to SMS Gateway Comparison

By comparing a number of features offered by different gateway service providers as see on SMS Comparison Table , it can be seen that two SMS providers stand out in the range of features that they offer. They are SMS Broadcast and ClickSend, who both have well organised and structured gateway networks that will supports a wealth of solutions in offering an Email to SMS service which includes established browser based message platforms such as Outlook Mobile Service, Online SMS and SMS Gateway UK. These companies have the capacity to disseminate vast numbers of SMS in one shot whether be in the thousands or tens of thousands, providing any client with know how and confidence that distribution will be done within a very short specified period of time. It means that you can choose your replies to be managed by these Gateway providers for inbound system, or be directed to your email, or directly to a mobile phone.

From comparing the most dominant players in the email to SMS gateway scenario, it is rated that both SMS Broadcast and ClickSend are on par with each other in the features they offer clients, both ranking 97 out of 100, which is highly commended. This is closely followed by Clickatell with a score of 89 for the range of good features they can provide clients. SMS Tech is very close behind with a rating of 86 out of a 100 thereby showing that they too offer a very good range of features. The other two providers listed in the graph do provide good features with high 70’s out of a 100 for their features. This information can be simply seen and interpreted on the graph presented below.

Email to SMS Gateway3

What Is The Best Email to SMS Gateway Based On Price?

The review of Email to SMS Gateway UK providers found that service charges ranged significantly dependent on the distribution volume for each month.  WholesaleSMS was overall the cheapest provider offering a low rate for the distribution of text messages on bulk from small to large volumes.  This is followed by SMS Broadcast and Clickatell which are around 10 to 15% more expensive than Wholesale SMS. Both Click Send and SMS Tech charges are around 30 to 40% dearer than the cheapest email to SMS Gateway provider.

SMS Broadcast which offers unlimited credit validity unlike other gateway providers as well as no monthly fee and their virtual number cost is lower than its competitors in this category. SMS Broadcast and Wholesale SMS customer care recommends optimum solutions at a cost-effective price, tailored to meet each requirement. They actively monitor the prices of the SMS markets.

Email to SMS

It was noted that SMS Broadcast does offer an unlimited credit validity which is different from other gateway providers. There is no monthly fee and the virtual number cost is lower than competitors in this category. Both companies do actively monitor their charges on the SMS market.

When comparing to the 5 major competitors, as shown in the graphical representation below, WholesaleSMS was around 35% to 40% cheaper than the highest cost published by SMSTech. In terms of cost value, SMS Broadcast came second with a rating of 86 out of a 100 with its prices being around 10% higher than Wholesale but still most cost effective than the other Gateway providers. Clickatell, Click Send and SMS Tech had a rating of 78, 69 and 58 out of 100 respectively. The most costly with regard to charges for the distribution of email to sms was Text It which was not included into the Email to SMS Price Comparison Table above.

Gateway Comparison By Reliability

Referring to the Email to Text Message Gateway UK Comparison Table, it is noted that SMS Broadcast and ClickSend deliver a very reliable Email to SMS gateway solution to organisations  who put a huge priority on communicating fast and effectively with their clients or customers or staff at any time. Both these providers use modern, updated gateway technology supported by technical skills in this area. Of course, as an British based company, it offers customer service support on an ongoing and timely basis. Some other large British organisations also use such gateways such SMS Broadcast , Clickatell and ClickSend.

Like the other text message Gateway providers details in the comparison table, SMS Broadcast and ClickSend offer 100% Up-time guarantee which is very re-assuring, however the other providers do provide very close in guarantee service levels. The issue with SMS Broadcast is that it lacks detail on an up-time guarantee reliability which makes it different from some of the other SMS providers which offer 99% or more up-time with a Service Level Agreement guarantee.  Up-time guarantees are attractive when used in a marketing pitch, but even the best guarantee won’t stop your site going offline.

Email to SMS Gateway4Based on the graphical representation of reliability ratings provided below, it can be seen that both SMS Broadcast and ClickSend achieved full rating of a 100 as a measure on the reliability scale. This was followed relatively closely by Clickatell and Text It with a rating score of 87 and 89 out of a 100 respectively.  Both Wholesale SMS and SMS Tech did not rate well at all, particularly SMS Tech.

However it needs to be pointed out that the other text message Gateway Providers do have support centres in either Melbourne, Sydney or Perth so they do offer prompt reliability in case you need to contact them.

What Are The Reputation of the Email to SMS Gateway providers?

Clickatell is a long established company offering online SMS services to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. The company, which has a Sydney base (Australia), has has a reputation and experience in UK and overseas as a SMS Gateway provider.  Similarly, SMS Broadcast which was established in 2015 is Melbourne based.

Both Clickatell and SMS Broadcast has earned a sound reputation in the SMS messaging industry in sending and receiving SMS text messages from PC’s and web browsers. Customer care, quality of service and results are important to these text message Gateway providers and they consistently strive to achieve a high level of satisfaction.

Therefore on the rating scale, Clickatell is regarded as possessing the best reputation attaining 100, closely followed by SMS Broadcast. The other three competitors have a rating range from 81 to 62 on a reputation scale.

Some interesting features worth noting about Email to SMS Gateway providers?


When Email to SMS Gateway UK providers talks about API what they referring to is their Application Program Interface, which is a set of tools for building software applications.  What an API does is that it specifies the way software components will interact with the server. It is an interface with either the web server or a web browser and usually limited to a web application client-side. Therefor the Email to SMS is a form of technology that is able to change the standard type of email format into a SMS or text message. For clients who want to use the Email to SMS Gateway process it is just a matter of customizing the email in a way to be able to send the text message directly to those that are nominated to receive the information. The API allows for the email to be converted into a SMS compatible format message. This means that the client can send to individual numbers or can format its database of numbers for distribution in mass. Emails to SMS Gateway UK companies will show you how you send personalized emails through platforms such as Gmail, Outlook or AOL. You can also send from external CRM systems, internal software programs and third-party software.

Wholesale SMS

If you intending to send large volumes and on a regular basis through an Email to SMS Gateway UK provider, it is logical to research providers who will offer you text credits at wholesale prices. you need to ensure that are provided with the best possible service and best gate gateway carrier and that you are charged for what is actually delivered. Obviously, for wholesale charge opportunities, SMS message platforms have been built with large businesses and corporations who send out thousands of text messages on a monthly basis and so are priced in terms of charges that companies are prepared to pay for the service. There is a range of routing options and services available for companies to review and consider that will make the wholesale costing lower. Low cost routing platforms are available that can deliver wholesale SMS with reliable SMS transmission speeds. Be aware that the carriers may be hybrids which mean that the gateway carriers may not be local and may not provide the uptime guarantee that local telecommunication carriers offer.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an effective way of sending large number of text messages within a short allocated time and ensuring that a message or a marketing campaign reaches everyone that you want to receive it. SMS is personal and goes straight to the recipient’s mobile phone so the message is delivered direct in a compatible form that can be read straight away. By sending through the Email to SMS Gateway provider, it becomes real-time two way SMS communication and not only will they reach a customer whenever they are but it will allow you to receive replies to your bulk messages, whether it be to individuals or groups. Email to SMS gateway UK providers will assure you that bulk SMS can be stored to use at a later stage or can be forwarded and easily tracked using their delivery reports. This way, you can see which messages were delivered to which mobile numbers. Using Bulk SMS does not require any special software to be downloaded or installed.

About Email to SMS UK Comparison Table

The Email to SMS UK Comparison Table has been formulated with the reader in mind. The authors, who have worked with a number of leading Email to SMS Gateway providers have prepared a series of key selection criteria that will be easy to understand and will provide a fair and unbiased review of the services and features offered by leading SMS providers.

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The Comparison Table is provided for free to assist you however a commission may be given from the provider’s site if you click through their website and engage their services. There are no forms of advertising on this site and the authors have made price and other key features the selection elements that have led to the recommendations made on the site.

The information provided on the comparison table is derived from the authors viewing SMS providers websites. Therefore, the detailed information provided is as a guide as prices and features can be updated without warning. If any of the information on the table appears to be out of date or incorrect, please contact the authors so that changes will be made quickly.

All the SMS comparison tables provided are free to the users however a commission may be obtained if you engage their service through the comparison table sites. As you will notice there are no advertisements or any form of promotion on this site.

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