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From a review recently carried out and tabulated into Bulk SMS UK Comparison table, DirectSMS offers bulk text messaging services that could meet your needs from a promotional or marketing perspective to a wide range of information tool for your clients, customers, employees and stakeholders. They provide an online bulk SMS service which allows them to send and receive on your behalf SMS via any web-enabled computer without the need of any special software or setting up. All this service is provided with a 100% money back guarantee.

Bulk DirectSMS has powerful features that are easy to use with a dedicated local support via email, live chat and phone.

Valued Features of using bulk DirectSMS

In a nutshell, some of the significant features of DirectSMS are:

  1. Send and receive bulk SMS using your own web browser
  2. Send and receive your group SMS using your emails
  3. Able to add SMS functionality to your applications and systems through their developer API
  4. Able to claim as the only British SMS provider to offer 100% Money-Back Quality Guarantee Service. Textit Website

DirectSMS provides seamless integration with any email software with any major British gateway carrier. It can save, store and manage your contacts. So, when required to send an SMS it is only a matter of a short period of time for the distribution to take place.

SMS Direct

Our DirectSMS review showed that this company offered just more than the basic bulk SMS service. It is able to provide an inbound MMS facility. It can receive from your images, pictures, videos or any new multi-media files for transmission like a text message to reach specific groups of people.  It is another option available to connect effectively to groups of people. Additionally, you or the client can re-brand, if necessary, with your own logo design or various colours using their DirectSMS portal. SMS from customers DirectSMS

From a comparative perspective using a grading of 0 to 100 and representing the range of features offered by DirectSMS, it has been assessed in a chart format that this company provides a very good range of features available and better than some of its equivalent competitors but a little lower in the ranking  than other SMS bulk providers.


Value for Money

DirectSMS offers all year round a bulk SMS service through its British centre. A range of valued features outlined in the comparative survey, our DirectSMS review found this company is worthy of consideration.  However, unlike other bulk text message providers, the optional extra charge for developer API needs to be taken into account.

However, their pricing is the most expensive by up to 20% in comparison to other British competitors in the bulk SMS domain and this matter needs to be considered prior to engaging DirectSMS. Having a limited 15-day free trial and no keyword response SMS feature are some factors that need to be considered by any prospective client.

Our DirectSMS review of a range of good bulk SMS British providers found they are not cheap in terms of their costings and pricing. DirectSMS charges for the distribution of SMS are between 15% to 30% more costly whether it is for small or large volume distribution on a monthly basis compared to the other bulk providers investigated. Their virtual number charges is one of the highest of all the other SMS providers. Additionally, even though the developer API is optional it is another cost that needs to be considered.

Textit Website

Having unlimited credit validity is good as well the provision of no contract, no cancellation fees and discount makes it somewhat attractive.

Using a graphical method of illustrating the ranking, DirectSMS higher fee structure has a major bearing on its ratings.

 Reliability of DirectSMS

The reliability of DirectSMS can be gauged by its popularity of companies who use this bulk SMS service covering many SME and large British businesses. The fact that this company provides so many powerful features yet simple to use with a dedicated local support adds value through their email contact, live chat or by phone, all show a level of confidence of its reliability. Of course, the 100% money-back guarantee uptime, performance and customer satisfaction is the best indicator of its value as a reliable bulk SMS distributor.

Like the major bulk SMS providers investigated DirectSMS reliability is very good and is ranked highly among its competitors.

 Support and Help Provided by DirectSMS

As a British SMS provider it has a dedicated customer call centre on 1 300 724 387 which will be able to assist whether it be to start a SMS campaign or on going communication matter. They provide a free trial when you log in for the first time to show how reliable they after signing up. An immediate pop-up screen will allow you to chat about DirectSMS bulk offers and services provided.

The website provides opportunities to contact them whether it is on Facebook, Google+ or Tweeter. You can only comment on their Blog site and provide a review as can be seen by the positive reviews made by their clients.

SMS Direct

On a rating for support and help provided, Direct SMS scored very well indeed.

About This Bulk SMS Comparison Table 

An independent group of SMS experts developed this bulk SMS comparison site in the field of text messaging service, but now who no longer work in this area, so as to assist organisations to clearly and independently understand what features and services are available from a range of bulk SMS providers.  The categories used are easy to follow and the details are presented in both content and tabulated format.

Textit Website

As can be reviewed from this site, as a British SMS provider, DirectSMS offers all year round bulk text messaging service with a  valued range of features outlined above. However, their pricing is the most expensive by up to 30% compared to other competitors in the bulk SMS domain and this matter need to be considered prior to engaging DirectSMS.

The information provided in this site and our DirectSMS review is a guide to prices and the range of features and may be updated if the bulk providers’ websites changes.

The Bulk SMS UK Comparison site is, of course, available to assist you with no strings attached. However, should you use a bulk SMS website to engage their services trough this site, then the authors may request a commission from the provider. Should the bulk SMS provider change its content at any time, this may not be reflected in the authors’ comparison site. If this occurs, please let the authors know and the content will be changed immediately.

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