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SMSGlobal is an international provider of SMS gateway services, offering a robust platform for businesses to engage in mobile marketing, alerts, and communications worldwide. This review will highlight its key features, pricing, usability, and customer support, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of what makes SMSGlobal a notable option in the SMS gateway market.

From an in-depth analysis of the features and services of SMS Gateway providers, our SMSGlobal review found great value to UK businesses and organisations based on their:

  • Low price range for SMS distribution;
  • Ability to service both mid-size and large companies;
  • 99.99% uptime reliability;
  • Superior API platforms; and
  • Ability to distribute text messaging services globally.

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SMS Global Key Features

Global Reach: SMSGlobal has a vast network that allows businesses to send SMS messages to over 200 countries, ensuring global reach for international marketing campaigns and communications.

High Reliability: The platform prides itself on offering reliable message delivery with high uptime, ensuring that critical messages reach their intended recipients without delay.

API Integration: SMSGlobal provides easy-to-use API integration, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate SMS functionalities into their existing applications or websites for automated messaging.

MXT Platform: Their web platform, MXT, offers a user-friendly interface for managing SMS campaigns, contacts, and analytics, making it straightforward for businesses to launch and monitor their SMS activities.

Two-Way Messaging: SMSGlobal supports two-way SMS, enabling interactive communications where recipients can reply to messages, facilitating customer engagement and feedback.

Compliance and Security: Emphasizing data protection and compliance with international standards, SMSGlobal ensures that user data and communications are securely managed.

Pricing for SMS Global Gateway Services

Comparing SMS Gateway providers in the UK, a key strength when reviewing SMS Global is its competitive pricing structure for the text messaging service. It operates on a pay-per-use pricing model, with costs varying based on volume and destination. They offer competitive rates, especially for bulk messages, and provide transparency in pricing without hidden fees. Prospective users can request a custom quote based on their specific needs, and free trials are often available to test the service before committing.

SMSGlobal operates on a pay-per-use pricing model, with costs varying based on volume and destination. They offer competitive rates, especially for bulk messages, and provide transparency in pricing without hidden fees. Prospective users can request a custom quote based on their specific needs, and free trials are often available to test the service before committing.

The price is a flat £0.049 per SMS which is applicable when you buy in a single transaction and includes:

  • No hidden fees
  • Free setups,
  • No contract,
  • No monthly fee, and
  • No third-party billing

The best value is for mass distribution which would benefit companies that have a large number of contacts. However, it does offer SMEs with a higher cost dependent on the volume distributed. So in the case of a small distribution of say 100 SMS, the cost would be £2.3o.

SMSGlobal claims that it gives you competitive mass and bulk SMS capabilities at wholesale prices.


Features of SMS Global Gateway Services

When it comes to ensuring that a text message service (SMS) is effective, it comes down to two factors, namely ensuring the message is distributed efficiently (known as uptime) and the time it takes for a SMS to get to the mobile phone (known as latency). In some cases, there is no urgency to reach the end point while in other cases such as SMS verification code of a bank or a scheduled meeting it will be critical. In the case of SMS Global, their strong performance is its high ability to meet the expectations of their clients or companies when required.

Our SMSGlobal review found it has a sophisticated SMS gateway infrastructure software like no other to help meet any business solutions whether it is:

  • Advanced Web Platform – using the web, that clients are familiar with, to upload contacts without the need for special software to send text messages.
  • E-mail to SMS – the ability to integrate leading e-mail software to send SMS.
  • Flexible API – using their in-house sophisticated software to distribute SMS.

SMSGlobal Gateway Features

From SMSGlobal perspective, the benefit of flexible API integration to a text messaging system is that it allows two-way messaging to occur. This ability to send SMS to other major British and global networks and then receive responses from mobile users is an effective way of knowing how the communications have been received. This also leads to the tracking of SMS’s exact period that it is received, providing the organisation or client with an audit trail. A report can be sent showing the two-way communications that an outbound message is sent and received and whether an SMS has not been delivered.

All this can be done with reliable and efficient gateways that will directly route to British telecommunication providers or to their aggregators, if required. 


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Review of the Support Level of SMSGlobal

They are located at Level 17, Dashwood House 69 – Old Broad Street, London. This is supported by email contact, an extensive knowledge base, a pop screen for discussion and a live chat opportunity.  All these contacts as well as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook make this provider very open to providing the best customer accessibility possible.

SMSGlobal offers customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat. They also provide an online resources, such as guides, FAQs, and tutorials, to help users maximize the platform’s capabilities. On the SMSGlobal website, there is the availability of Video Tutorials to also assist.

Knowing that this provider has its based in London, UK, the time factor and language will not be an issue to British organisations wishing to discuss matters whether they are engaging their services or discussing matters relating to the text messaging service.

However, Trustpilot reviews shoe a poor performance with a 2 rating out of 5 for 173 reviews.

SMS Global offers a free trial to test their product and services.

By looking at their wide variety of customers or clients and online SMSGlobal reviews, the reputation of past and present users is most admirable in comparison to all other competitors. Examples include Microsoft, Etihad, IBM, Samsung, Budget, AFL and UltraTune.

SMSGlobal Review Of Clients


Reliability of SMS Global Text Message Gateway Services

To be assured that your SMS messages have been distributed reliably, a premium direct gateway is the way to go. The SMS is delivered directly to a major telecommunication provider which is routed into a reliable mobile network system.

The MXT platform is designed with usability in mind, catering to both tech-savvy users and those with limited technical knowledge. Its intuitive dashboard allows for quick access to send messages, view reports, and manage campaigns, minimizing the learning curve for new users.

Reliability depends on the Up-time Guarantee and in the case of SMSGlobal, it offers a 99.99% uptime which means their performance is of a top level provider. It is confident that the Quality of Service provided to its customers is second to none.

SMS Global SMS Gateway Statistics

SMS Global has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures that its delivery of text messages will be met with a 100% Network Redundancy available. Should there be any network disruption or path failure, it has the technology, infrastructure and availability of additional routes to send the message.

SMSGlobal is ICO compliant, meeting the British Commonwealth regulation of the Spam Act 2003 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These laws require that companies do not send unsolicited electronic messages. This applies to SMS through any gateway requiring the consent of the business or organisation and all SMS need to identify the type of business they are. They have a functionality system in place to allow for any subscribed to be easily removed from the list of contacts.

Our SMSGlobal review focused on the terms and conditions features a definitive privacy and confidentiality which outlines details acceptability of its policies including its SPAM Compliant aspects.


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The creators of this site, along with associated SMS platforms, leveraged their extensive background in the text messaging field before venturing into broader communication sectors. They recognized a genuine necessity for a resource that allows readers to effortlessly and transparently understand the critical aspects of SMS gateway providers before deciding to utilize their services.

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Last updated on 22 March 2024.


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