Click Send Review as a SMS from Computer Provider

ClickSend offers a reliable range of SMS services for text messaging from a computer, offering seamless integration with almost any computer software and with almost any British provider.

ClickSend is a worthy choice that has earned a place in our review of SMS from Computer Comparison Table.


Click Send Review

Click Send is a one-stop shop for all your mobile communications and marketing needs, offering an easy-to-use range of valued SMS services. This provider offers online SMS which allows you to send and receive SMS from any web enabled computer. Whether sending messages to individuals or clients or organisations, it just involves one simple step with no setup required.

This British SMS company offers an ‘Email to SMS service’ which is ideal for those who use email as the first point of call in communications, offering seamless integration with almost any computer software and with almost any British provider.  ClickSend is a worthy choice that has earned a place in our review of SMS from Computer Comparison Table.


Value Features of using Click Send 

ClickSend is jam-packed with features that go above and beyond your basic email to bulk SMS service. There is no software required to download or install as ClickSend’s SMS Manager is totally web based, which means there is no software to crash your computer. All you need is a web browser and Internet access. ClickSend will save your contacts, and set up groups to manage your contacts. This will mean that you can send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

ClickSend range offer

Schedule SMS delivery can be done at predetermined times. It is just a matter of using the ClickSend scheduler to send you SMS reminders for appointments or important dates. If by chance, you are unable to get onto your computer when a SMS campaign needs to be sent, that is not a problem anymore, as this SMS provider will just schedule the message. In addition, ClickSend will be able to track whether a message has been received on a recipient’s mobile. This will mean a complete history of all outgoing and incoming SMS to keep track of your communications and marketing campaigns. The message history can be exported to Excel.

With their service you can also post to Facebook or Twitter, which can be used to alert customers to your computer’s email to SMS. Another standout feature is their MMS capability, which allows you to send photos and videos in your texts to contacts that have smartphones. Some specific features from Click Send are sending and receiving SMS using your existing email system which means no additional software is required. Another fantastic feature is composing and sending SMS online to a single contact, multiple contacts or a group of contacts.

Another great feature is text to speech by sending voice calls which is as simple as sending a text message. It is just a matter of converting text into voice calls through their SMS online facility, reaching any landline or mobile and adapting to local markets through various languages and voices.

ClickSend linguistics


Reliability of Click Send as a SMS service provider

Our ClickSend review found that they provide a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement guarantee, which is very reassuring and worthy of consideration. This is supported by a 1800 number  with a 24/7 customer support service. You can get in touch with ClickSend via Skype too.  An international phone number is also provided on their contact page. A small FAQ on SMS page is also available. All these features ensures reliability of their SMS from computer service.

And for a complete explanation of their multiple features, they offer a SMS page overview, which discusses several topics, including their latest clients and upgrades to their service. They also provide further free trial to the service appears the first time you log in after signing up. It has even an immediate pop-up screen asking you if you want to chat about their offers and services.

Our ClickSend review found they also offers SMS reply options, such as sending replies as an email and even specify a different return address, sending replies to your mobile as an SMS, sending replies to your website/Custom application or even block replies.

From the graphical representation shown below, a ranking was developing as to the reliability of each SMS service prov1der. Such ranking had a range of 0 to 100 where 100 is extremely reliable to 0 which is unreliable. With respect to Click Send, it can be seen that its rating is 100 which is the top level. Selecting such a provider with easy to understand and real-time reporting, friendly customer service and a reliable gateway will ensure you can focus on other areas of your business in the knowledge that your SMS was received.

Value for Money

Our Click Send review of SMS from Computer providers found they are not the cheapest as you can see from a snapshot of our SMS Comparison Table below.

In general, ClickSend is about 15% more expensive than some other text message British providers, whether it be for distribution of small volumes of SMS on a monthly basis or large quantity of SMS in the range of 50,000 or more texts in a monthly period.

It has a setup fee as well as a monthly fee for dedicated numbers but all incoming SMS are free. You do have the payment options of pre-pay or monthly payments. It should be pointed out, there is no contract and no expiry date for sms credits.

It does have a 12 months credit validity which is not as good as its competitors who offer unlimited credit. better than other competitors.

SMS to computer prices

Using the graphical representation below, ClickSend by comparison to other British SMS providers rates a 62 out of the total 100. This means that there are some other providers who offer a cheaper range of rates for the services they provide. It is not the most expensive with some providers charging much more for the services they offer.

Reputation of Click Send as a SMS provider

ClickSend is an British-based SMS to Computer provider which offers all day and night service through an international call centre. With the number of valued features outlined, our ClickSend review found them worthy of serious consideration. Having a 60 day free trial is a great advantage to any prospective client.

For noteworthy clients, ClickSend delivers one of the most powerful web-based services currently available. Whether you’re attracted to their MMS capabilities or their simple texts that anyone can use, ClickSend is a trusted and useful sms from computer service.

Based on the graphical representation as shown below, ClickSend does not rate very well with a score of 31 out of the total 100, compared to some of its British competitors. However, it does have a list of corporate type of clients including brands such as Etihad Stadium, Specsavers, Woolworth, and Dan Murphy to name a few.

About SMS from Computer Comparison Table 

The SMS from Computer Comparison Table was developed to identify and compare the services and products offered by the range of British SMS from Computer providers through means of an independent yet well analysed SMS Comparison Table.

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The information has been categorised into a simplified, readable, and easy to follow tabulated format so as to provide you with key information on key selection criteria such as message distribution costs, networks availability, customer service support, credit availability, and so on.

It should be stressed that the information provided in the table and our Click Send review should only be used as a guide as prices and features may be updated at any time by the SMS providers’ websites without any prior notification.

This SMS from Computer UK Comparison Table is provided for free to assist you, however a commission may be given from the provider’s site if you click through their website and engage their services. There are no forms of advertising on this site and the authors have made price and other key features the selection elements that have led to the recommendations made on the site.

It should be stressed that the comparison table has being manually formulated and analysed providers’ websites may change their prices and features without notice so it is recommended that readers should double check prices and features prior to purchasing these SMS products. If you have any information on this comparison table that appears to be inaccurate or needs to be updated, please use the ‘contact us’ section to notify the owners of the site. They will aim to have the change made as soon as possible.

This page was last updated on 11 October 2015.

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