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SMS gateway API from a reliable sms gateway provider will transfer your email to a text message format suitable for a mobile phone.

This site reviews a range of reputable British SMS Gateway providers to ensure a reliable solution to your business messaging needs are met.

What is SMS Gateway API?

When wanting to use your existing CRM or e-commerce platforms to integrate into a mobile text messaging capacity, you can easily do that by sending an SMS from your current applications. By using a SMS gateway Application Programming Interface known as API from a reliable sms gateway provider, you can ensure a reliable solution to your business messaging will be met. It’s this software intermediary platform that ensures two different applications can speak to each other.

In computer technology terms, API provides a set of processes and tools that help build application software to make the process seamless transferring from your email to a text message to the recipient mobile phone.  There are many different types of web APIs developed by sms providers with the most common being Representative State Transfer (REST), Simple Object Protocol (SOAP) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Don’t be too concerned about the technology as long as you realise these program platforms will make your email transition to sms easy and effective.

From your perspective, no software is required to be downloaded or installed. The SMS Gateway provider is totally web based which means there is no software to crash your computer or the information in your computer. All you need is a web browser and internet access.

SMS API Text Message GatewaySome of the valuable features of SMS Gateway APIs cover:

  • Fast delivery
  • Easy integration
  • Security
  • Business continuity
  • Automation
  • Scalability

SMS gateway API in PHP

SMS gateway integration process is a very simple process and it means less time is needed in this integration process.  A sms can be easily sent from a website using SMS gateway API and PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor). The SMS provider can make the process of one way message or two way messages or both way message systems, it just depends on what the business wants from this type of communication.

The term HTML and PHP needs to be explained. HTML is the information technology language that is used to explain to a browser how to display text in a browser window. It is not a programming language. HTML will work on your computer. PHP is different in that it is a scripting language used to develop web pages which will be written in HTML format.

To send SMS from PHP script you need to pick a reliable SMS gateway provider that will meet your needs. Once the SMS gateway and the way to proceed are done then the integration of the SMS gateway in PHP script can be completed by the sms provider.


SMS gateway API integration in PHP

Millions of organisations use API integration as an easy way to improve the way business communication can effectively take place.  When distributing bulk SMS, this can happen by allowing you to connect from your own software or CRM directly into the provider’s sms gateway using their API platform. This way by connecting via an API you will know that the text messages you have instructed the sms provider to send using their platform will be done. After the delivery of the sms, you can request a receipt of the effectiveness of the distribution. This all takes on a few seconds, thereby saving you time and resources. Another advantage of the API system is that it can create and edit new user credentials.

By engaging a sms gateway API provider you will need to see the variety of options available to integrate your mobile messaging service seamlessly into their operations. APIs should provide the client in all aspects of their business whether it is applications, websites, intranets, CRMs or other software.  Not only is integration important, also reporting, accessibility and the ability to customise features or scripting to their APIs.

Take an example within the health sector, using a SMS gateway API it will allow health professionals to:

  • Allow appointment rescheduling, should an appointment be missed;
  • Alert for patient reminders;
  • Alerts for emergency and incident thereby maintain open communications;
  • Alert staff to fill shifts at short notice; and
  • Analyse traffic with real time analytics.


Cheap SMS gateway API

Reviewing the competitive pricing schedules of a number of cheap sms gateway API services, one needed to look at a number of features as well as their charges. It’s one thing to look at cost per sms and think you have a reasonable charge but there are other factors of deliver time, reliability, confidentiality, uptime guarantee and availability of assistance that should all be taken into consideration.

Taking only the cost factor into account and comparing pricing, it was assessed that two British sms providers were cheaper namely WholesaleSMS and ClickSend. Both these companies offered the cheapest rate dependent on quantity whether they were small in distribution numbers or large volume of text messages sent out. On average it can be see that both these sms companies were around 10 to 15 percentage cheaper than the remainder of other reputable sms providers.

The graphical representation of cheap sms gateway API providers shows the range of cost effectiveness taking into consideration all of the above factors mention in this section.

Considering cost only is only one factor.  You need to see if there is a monthly fee, a setup fee, the type of payment modes required as well as what type of contractual agreement between the business and the sms provider.


International SMS gateway API

There are so many international SMS gateway providers that it would take pages of listings. Many of the international sms providers state that they can launch SMS text messages to over 200 countries and function using their SMS gateway API platform. They also outline that they can offer SMS text, voice call blasts, surveys, polls, reminders and sms auto reply campaign very fast. Their telecommunication carriers are said to integrate fully with their platforms. It’s just a matter of setting up a mobile interaction overseas via API from your website, app, and database to the international sms provider.

You need to check to see if international SMS gateway APIs companies have a monthly charge, minimum fees and upfront costs so you pay for what you use.

Having said all this if you decide to venture into looking for a reliable international SMS gateway API provider, please make sure it will offered secure authentication, session tracking, 2-way messaging and a cost allocation that is comparable to British sms providers

Many of the British SMS Gateway APU providers offer similar features, API platforms and expertise than the international provider competitors.


About SMS Comparison Table and Sites

The information provided in the SMS comparison table and associated sites are available to you free of charge. It was developed and published to make your life easier when comparing the range of sms providers in UK.

This came about when the authors realised that people reviewing sms providers were overwhelmed by the information and terminology provided. The authors, who were experts in the sms field but no longer work in that area, felt they needed to provide independent advice about the features offered by sms gateway providers.

This is an ever changing industry and should the information presented be different from what you reviewed in your search, please let the authors know so that changes can be made.  Should you use this facility and then from the authors’ analysis in the table and site, engage one of the recommended sms companies, then the authors may ask the sms provider for a commission.

It is hope that the sms comparison table and sites will be useful to you and your business.


Updated on 11 December 2017


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