Email to SMS Gateway

The ability to easily use your email to translate into a text message or SMS seamlessly makes your communication ability very effective.

ClikSend is assessed as the best value SMS gateway system as a communication and marketing tool for businesses.

Email to SMS Gateway

The ability to easily use your email to translate into a text message or SMS makes your communication ability so much more effective.  As you probably have experienced, people do not necessarily read emails or if they do, it may be a matter of hours or even days. However, interestingly and factually, people do read sms from their mobile phones within a matter of seconds or at the latest minutes. That’s why by using an email to sms gateway system is such an effective marketing and communication tool, particularly when it comes to marketing and communication campaigns, appointment reminders or alert notices or for notification purposes for goods collection.

Email To SMS Solution

A number of SMS gateway providers have the facility to ensure your email is sent from a personal computer without the requirement for changes to any existing CRM system. This means that the business or individual can decide to make a decision to send out a communication using the services of the provider anytime and anywhere there is access to a computer and a network.

It needs to be stressed that there are different email to sms gateway services available from providers. Promptness and reliability as well as secure factors will be better accommodated by using a premium direct gateway provider who use secure British telecommunication carriers such as Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. Therefore the email to sms gateway will route through these mobile phone network system to assure the business that the message will be effectively distributed. Such premium gateway is more expensive than the hybrid or Grey gateway service which uses oversee telecommunication carriers to be their vehicle of distribution.

There are a number of gateway providers who are able to receive user-replies from client feedbacks or from customers or from staff who wish to respond by sms in reply to an original text message through the sms gateway system. This immediate two-way communication is very useful should the business want immediate feedback or the need to know about employee rotations in the workplace or reminder of appointment schedules.


List and priority of Email to SMS Gateway providers

When reviewing a wide range of national and international email to SMS gateway providers as can be viewed in the SMS comparison table, it is evident that there were a few providers who were able to present the range of features that businesses could use at a reasonable cost.

The list was mainly concentrated on those providers who are able to offer premium gateway facilities but have the capacity to use hybrid carriers should the cost and time factors are a concern to the business. The companies are ClickSend, SMS Broadcast, WholesaleSMS, Clickatell and SMS Tech.

The two standout were ClickSend and SMS Tech. They both have the structure in place to ensure the gateway networks are efficiently used to support the email to sms solutions. The use of these providers has a browser based message platform of Outlook Mobile Service, Online SMS and SMS Gateway provisions. These two companies have the capacity to distribute from low to large volumes of text messages at any one time.

As can be seen from the graph provided, the dominant players in the email to sms gateway are ClickSend and SMS Broadcast. They both highly based on their features, costs, reliability, reputation and customer service provide. The graph is an indicative way of visually demonstrating their overall quality as a reliable provider or email to sms based on their gateway provisions. 

Best email to sms gateway based on price

With regard to price of each sms for distribution purposes, the review of the best range of sms providers shows that there was a range of fees per sms based on a monthly basis. This dependent very much on the quantity of text messages. The larger the volume of sms sent over a month, the more significantly cheaper per text message than small volumes distributed over the month.

It was assessed that ClickSend  and SMS Broadcast offered the cheapest charge for sending a text message with a low rate for both small to large volumes on a monthly basis. This was followed by DirectSMS and SMSTech and then TextIt which were a little more expensive but again that dependent on the quantity sent.

Consideration of other charge factors needs to be taken into account. For example SMS Broadcast and ClickSend offer unlimited credit validity which are not presented with other email to sms gateway providers. Additionally these two companies do not charge a monthly fee and their virtual number cost is less than the other competitive providers mentioned.

Email to SMS gateway reliability

It is one thing to look and concern oneself with the cost factor, it is another matter to concern that the message will be transmitted when required, that is, the reliability of the email to sms gateway system. In the review taken of numerous sms providers it was assessed that both ClickSend and DirectSMS delivered a most reliable and effective email to sms gateway solution.  For many businesses the issue of reassurance that a message is sent when required can be of paramount importance particularly if it is a critical alert or an appointment reminder. Both these companies have sophisticated gateway technology that is supported by technical skills. The fact that each provider has a customer care service on a 24/7 or business hours throughout the week means that there is support when required.

The reliability is supported by an Uptime of 99% or higher with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or a guarantee or money back guarantee. The two top providers mentioned has such type of assurance as part of their contractual agreement with the businesses who engage them.

Email to SMS Gateway Software

Finally for this section, email to sms gateway provides the type of technology that converts your emails into sms. This way your customised communication can be distributed directly to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Emails to sms gateway use a system called Application Programming Interface or API. It allows your email to be converted into a SMS that people will receive in their mobile phone. This means that you can write a personalised message via your email address and send via a platform whether it is Outlook, Gmail or AOL. The message can be sent from an external CRM or a third party software system.  The gateway system will use a premium or hybrid carrier dependent on your request as the costs are more expensive but more secure and reliable than the hybrid overseas telecommunication carrier vehicle.

The email to sms gateway software that the provider manages allows for a seamless convergence between the sms platform that the providers has and the email system that you use. By having a CRM platform that you can send an email, then you can as easily send a text message.

You should always check that the email to sms gateway provider has a customer support service to assist you should there be any complication or for general assistance. It is preferable that such service is 24/7 rather than business hours and that it have a person to talk to rather than be an email address. 

About SMS Comparison Table and it associated comparison site

The email to sms gateway site has a sms comparison table to assist you in easily comparing the features, charges, reliability and customer services that will make your life simpler when reviewing sms providers or wanting to engage a sms provider. This service is free of charge and is available fully for your use.

The SMS comparison tables and sites were initiated some time ago by a group of experts in the sms filed who felt that people were lost when assessing the value of numerous sms providers available in UK. As a result the authors, now not working in the sms field, felt they could offer this comparison service impartially. As a consequence such comparison is now available. Should you use the site and as a result engage a provider, then the authors may request a commission for the provider but not from you.

The information is mainly reliant on the information provided by the sms providers and such information and sites can change without notice. Should any of the information provided in this site be different from their sites, please let the authors know so that changes can be made as soon as possible.

The authors hope you will gain a wealth of information and assistance from this site.

Update on 10 December 2017

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