Message Bird SMS Gateway Review

Message Bird has been chosen on the SMS Gateway Comparison Table because of its extensive range of SMS features, pricing, reliability and customer service.

This provider innovative range of features with a reasonable pricing makes it a suitable provider when considering using a text messaging service.

About Message Bird as an SMS Gateway Provider

The Message Bird SMS Gateway service is relatively new to UK after a sustained period of success overseas.

Key facts about Message Bird are:

  • They have an office in Sydney with headquarters in Amsterdam.
  • Major global customers include Domino’s, Levis and Heineken.
  • SMS Gateway integration includes Magento and Zendesk.
  • They specialise in industry sectors such as Healthcare, transport and logistics and retail.

Message Bird Review Of Clients

View the full Message Bird SMS review focusing on price, features, customer service to other SMS Gateway providers below.

Pricing for SMS Gateway services

The current price to send, receive and monitor a text message through Message Bird SMS gateway is comparable to other British SMS companies. It charges £0.027 whether it is for a 1000 SMS to 100,000 SMS. Bulk volumes of over 100,000 can be negotiated directly with the supplier. On the website it has a nifty rate calculator by just dragging the slide provided.  It must be noted that it does not include a tax (VAT) so this matter needs to be considered.

The Message Bird text message gateway does not have a setup fee or a monthly fee account but there is a contract for three months period so you cannot just use their services for a once off. This contractual arrangement does not appear with other equivalent gateway providers.

As stated shown below there is a charge for a dedicated number of £2.00 per month.

Messagebird SMS Gateway Prices

Dedicated virtual mobile number service is also available which allows clients or customers or employees to reach you anytime, anywhere by setting up your own VMN. There is also a service to review the currency of the client contact information and whether there needs to be a clean-up of the database and thereby reduce the number of undelivered messages. There is also a fee for this service.

Message Bird Website

Features of The Message Bird SMS Gateway

The Message Bird SMS Gateway has a powerful messaging API that offers a number of innovative features such as their Chat and Voice messaging platforms which makes it one step simpler to improve the message awareness and notification between the sender and the individual though means of any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. They state that their API, dashboard, and integrations can connect to seven billion mobile phones anywhere in the world. This can be accomplished by their use of over 900 carrier connections worldwide.

Like a number of other SMS providers, this company has all the features of other gateway providers in having a web SMS platform that can be easily integrated into the client web system. It has the infrastructure to ensure that it can connect its high speed telecommunication networks to ensure the messages are promptly delivered by low cost means. They can provide both a direct carrier and a hybrid carrier usage dependent on what are the client’s immediate requirements

They provide an Email to SMS service as well as a two-way SMS communications so both the client and customer so each knows what is being delivered.  They also provide Bulk SMS as well as SMS marketing services

Message Bird SMS Gateway FeaturesWhat support service does Message Bird provide?

Other than an email address as a form of contact, Message Bird in Sydney does not display a phone contact number or a live chat for interested parties or potential clients to discuss issues or matters relevant to text message distribution. The only phone contact is an overseas number and with the time difference between UK and Amsterdam, this may be a problem or concern.

The other factor that needs to be considered is that Message Birds offers no incentive to try their gateway system through a free trial, unlike a number of their gateway competitors.  They do offer real time reporting like other SMS gateway companies in UK.

So, overall, even though Message Bird has an office in Sydney, their customer contact initiatives are limited to an email rapport situation.

Reliability of The Message Bird Text Message Gateway Services

When reviewing the reliability of this provider’s gateway service, it was pleasing to note that it has a service level agreement that will offer guarantee of 99.95% uptime, which indicates their reliability in dissemination text messages efficiently and effectively. If a server goes down or another problem occurs, this provider assures the clients that they receive an alert and will action the problem immediately.

This company is very conscious about its security and privacy particularly when many of its clients are hospitals, banks and government institutions. It outlines its rules and regulatory requirements, employee-screening and data encryption to ensure security and reliability.

There are a number of significant clients of Message Bird SMS Gateway which indicate that they are a reputable company. They are also a member of the GSMA which represents over 300 mobile operators globally. On the website it shows TNT, Dominos, Levis and Heineken. Whether they are British clients is not stipulated on their website.

Message Bird Website

About This Text Message Gateway Comparison Table and Site

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The Comparison table provides the most important SMS platform features, a pricing structure, customer service, reliability as well as security issues to ensure you, as the reader, are well informed as to the important aspects of selecting the right provider for your needs.

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