Nexmo SMS Gateway Review

Nexmo an international gateway service provider with high deliverability and high call success rates.

The full Nexmo SMS gateway UK review is below where features, prices and other factors are compared to the other leading SMS gateway providers.

About Nexmo as an SMS Gateway Provider

Nexmo was selected as an appropriate SMS bulk provider for UK because of its local and international network, its high deliverability and call success rates within the text messaging service industry.

It has the reliability and scalability SMS API to cater for large volume of text messages whether it is in UK or extends to the global reach for businesses.

Nexmo Clients

Features of Nexmo as a SMS Bulk Service

Nexmo’s API infrastructure platform is designed to provide a consistent response time which means that the business needs to pay only for it uses. It is able to provide 30 API text message calls every second so that comes to more than two million requests each day. The company conversion API is able to measure success rate using real-time, confirmed conversion data. Such data collected assist Nexmo in maintaining the high delivery rates to take place. There is no need to change any of the business IT configurations.

This SMS bulk provider has a direct relationship with multiple routing telecommunication carriers around the world and has integrated the technology with their own API system. They have a global compliance engine which mean better delivery using global carriers that encompass strict regulations. The result is a more secure connection route is offered.

Nexmo Features

On the matter of timing, Nexmo adaptive routing provides an optimal path delivery so that business needs not be kept waiting for a result. When a carrier experiences significant traffic, there are queues. Nexmo patented algorithm reduces these problems by selecting the fastest and most secure alternative carrier route.

Other significant features allow the business to have a customised app, website or voice-based communication system built for them that scale with the web technologies that the business already uses. There is a set of call control features which allows for complex voice use. Nexmo is able to record and store inbound and outbound calls, with a text to speech engine in over 23 languages. Customers’ identities are protected by masking their numbers with a voice proxy solution.

Other features that a business should know about Nexmo’s ability to alert customers or clients or staff via SMS or voice and provide the recipients an opportunity to engage by replying or provide a call back facility. This two way communication is made simple through Nexmo API. It offers real-time intelligence on any mobile phone number around the world.

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Pricing of Nexmo Bulk Services

With regard to the details of the pricing schedule provided by Nexmo, it relies on the service offered dependent on sending text messages (SMS), Voice, Virtual Phone Number or rent a virtual phone number. The full details of charges are easily accessible on Nexmo site. Take the example of sending text messages in UK, it will cost Euro 0.0481 per SMS, which is comparable to other competitors in the UK bulk service arena. Receiving a response message from anywhere in UK is free of charge.
The voice service where a business can make a call to a mobile number in UK is dependent on the time per minute and to receive a call from any number in UK is lower a minute. Toll calls are more expensive.

Businesses can rent a virtual phone number for SMS and Voice and that will cost around Euro 10 each month of use.
On Nexmo website, there does not appear any detail on contractual arrangement or set up charge or monthly costs. However it does state that the business will only be charged for what it uses with no long-term contracts.

Nexmo Pricing

What is interesting and different from many other SMS Bulk providers is the the global pricing schedule for charges for many countries on their website. It is just a matter of choosing the country to receive the SMS and the charges will be immediately presented to the reader.

They do state that they be contacted for special or enterprise pricing depending on the business needs. View the full SMS gateway comparison table to see how their pricing stacks up to competitors.

Customer support service does Nexmo provide?

Nexmo SMS bulk service offers a wide variety of ways for people to gain support when using the system. Customer care service is available free of charge during business hours during the working week. Assistance is expected to be provided within 2 to 4 hours of receiving the request. This is dependent on the time of day in the week and the seriousness of the service disruption. There is usually a 6 hour wait for minor or scheduled problems. Alternatively, businesses can opt for a premium level of customer service and there is a charge per month providing a 24/7 availability basis with minimal wait time.

Businesses and clients can contact Nexmo through Email and an online Q & A is provided.

Nexmo claims that they have more SMS, Voice and Toll-free numbers in more destinations than any other bulk providers and that includes traditionally difficult countries to access.

They do offer a free trial with a small welcome credit and no credit card required. It is a matter of using the API credentials and start testing to build a cloud communication solution.

Reliability of Nexmo

Nexmo claims to have a high deliverability and call success rate catering for millions of API calls. Its data platform infrastructure boasts a reliability uptime of 99.99% which is very reassuring and virtually a guarantee for businesses that their messages will be reached to all designated mobile users. Interestingly, there is the transparency of seeing the daily uptime on which is impressive and not seen in any other comparable provider sites. Nexmo has a Service Level Agreement with the business so should there be a problem; the business will receive an alert and will take action to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The matter of network latency is covered in Nexmo information. It states that it keeps latency below 150 minutes, that the time it takes for a text message to get from one designated point to another, which is reasonable considering it has over 1000 carriers to deal with.

Nexmo has built its own direct to carrier network and heighten its security and thereby avoiding any text messages travelling through multiple systems before reaching its destination. It manages all the regulatory requirements around the globe, so there is no time spent on programming enforcing them for each country.

They have ultra-high throughput, allowing the business to send up to 2.5 million messages in a day, which is like sending 30 SMS in a second, with virtually no upper limit. They provide detailed reporting about delivery so that the quality and performance of the distribution can be assessed. If a message is not delivered, Nexmo will provide the client with a breakdown of the reason for why it was not distributed.

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