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SMS Central is one of the bulk providers that provide SMS services to UK businesses and organisations, whether large, SME or non for profits. It is able to provide a cheap SMS gateway service which can distribute text messages in bulk, whether it is in small volumes or large quantities efficiently at any time and any day.

This SMS company has all the features in its portal system to make your life simple in sending and receiving a message, with the capacity to be global if required.

What SMS Central will provide:

  • Web-enabled computer able to send SMS from email
  • 99.95% delivery rate guaranteed
  • Prompt customer service
  • Send to personalised contact groups
  • Provide status on SMS delivery
  • Use their API integration system to send SMS with a single HTTP post
  • A free SMS trial. Textit Website

Features of Bulk SMS Central

The review of bulk SMS Central’s features and services would benefit companies and organisations.  They have a SMS portal with the Campaign Wizard software that can create SMS promotions and distribute text messages with their Rapid SMS functionality.

By using Outlook you have the integration system in place with SMS Central to be able to send text messages to specified contacts provided  with the additional ability to receive back as SMS on the mobile phone.  This system will integrate with SMS Central developer API to provide a easy to manage gateway distribution process.

SMS central pic 1

SMS Central has the capacity to subdivide an organisation’s database into groups by location, stores, right down to people’s gender. That means it is easy to target into SMS grouping allowing for higher conversion rate and consequently are able to schedule reports automatically if requested or filter these reports in any way you request.

Unlike some of its competitors, SMS Central is able to deliver onshore but does not have the facilities to distribute SMS offshore to other nations although it can possess a global coverage if required.

SMS Central gateway provider ranks fairly highly among their other bulk competitors.

What about charges outlined by Bulk SMS Central?

From our review, it was evident that SMS Central does not disclose any of its charges with regard to the distribution of small, medium or large volumes of text messages. From what the authors of this bulk SMS comparison site could gather is that its pricing are likely to be moderate but not cheaper than competitors like ClickSend,  WholesaleSMS or SMS Broadcast. It states that it has competitive price matching but no further evidence is shown on their website other than to contact them by email.

It doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee for delivering of messages, which puts it at odds with other similar bulk SMS providers. No detail is provided on credit options but it does offer 99.99% delivery rate guaranteed which is considered reassuring. There is no details are available on contracts, cancellation fees or discounts.

Unfortunately, the lack of transparency in charges by SMS Central makes it difficult to assess the final costing for their services to UK businesses and organisations when considering promoting campaigns or sending out important communications for marketing or promotions or notifications. This may be an initial issue for prospective clients.

What Help and Support is Offered by SMS Central?

SMS Central does provide a certain level of support whether it is visiting their Online Support Centre or emailing their Customer Care Team or just by calling them on an Australian telephone number 1 300 971 093 during business hours. The response time may vary from fifteen minutes to an hour.

There is no live chat available and no obvious other online communication tools like Facebook, Google+ and Tweet. However when you look into their Blog page you will see that the online icons mentioned above are apparent.

SMS Central does offer ten (10) free SMS to use how you want which is low in numbers compared to their competitors.

On the comparison site authors rating scale, SMS Central level does not rank well with its competitors.

Reliability and Compliance by Bulk SMS Central?

SMS Central state upfront that they can show that they have a 99.995% delivery rate (uptime) which is guaranteed. One major factor on its reliability is indicated by its Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee for their distribution of short message service (SMS).  This is followed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is not offered by a number of their similar SMS bulk competitors. This needs to be acknowledged.

SMS Central outlines its Tier 1 data security and advocates an anti-spam policy for all its communication. SMS Central advocates an anti-SPAM policy for all its communication which means that they do not condone unsolicited messages, notifications, alerts or any message that you may receive from someone who should not have your address or mobile number.

Additionally they a SMS Central will be compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SMS Central has undertaken a review of its data collection, storage and security arrangements and has implemented various system changes to reflect the data security and privacy principles entrenched by GDPR, including individual’s right of access and right to be forgotten.

sms Central 2

Their reliable platform which is totally web based system requiring no specific software. There is no requirement to construct a new SMS platform from the beginning. It’s easy and simple to use and most efficient.

Textit Website


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Such a review prepared is a guide that has been obtained from providers’ sites, these features can change without the Comparison Site authors knowing. Therefore should you find any inconsistencies, please let these authors know and changes will be made accordingly.

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This page was update on 10 November 2019

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